CALBEE Pizza Potato Chips 2.54oz

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“Pizza Potato”, topped with torrori cheese and full of rich, authentic pizza taste. Eat topped with Emmental & Cheddar W cheese on thick jagged potato chips. A plentiful pizza potato with a savory cheese and a rich flavor intermingled with meat, tomato and spices. Please enjoy the taste of the authentic pizza that the material draws out. Melt flake manufacturing method: A surprise manufacturing method that cheese is put on freshly cooked hot potato chips, and is melted and sealed. It is this process that produces the most attractive “cheese presence” of pizza potatoes. Commitment of W cheese: Emmental cheese is a cheese characterized by internal perforations. The taste is mild and slightly sweet and is characterized by a fragrant aroma resembling a nut. Cheddar cheese has a mild and mild taste and is characterized by the richness of milk and light acidity.