日本S&B愛思必 青芥辣 膏狀芥末 1.52 oz.


Be prepared to add a little spice to your dishes with S&B Prepared Wasabi in Tube. It may only be 1.52 oz in size but what's inside the package packs a wallop. This wasabi tube contains ready-to-use Japanese horseradish that should be kept refrigerated after opening. This spicy seasoning goes well with sushi and other delicacies, but it also is a tasty addition to meat dishes as a rub or a spice on top. Have a tube handy to kick up the flavor of virtually any dish.

S&B Prepared Wasabi in Tube, 1.52 oz:

  • Japanese horseradish
  • S&B wasabi in tube is ready to use
  • Keep refrigerated after opening